125TEBU - Technological Equipment of Buildings

Rozsah: 2+1
Počet kreditů: 4
Forma ukončení: Zkouška

Výuka předmetu v zimním semestru pro obory: W

The course is focused on buildings with specific operation. These are either facilities for entertainment (theaters), relaxation and rest (swimming pools, saunas, wellness) or facilities for catering (commercial kitchens), or production facilities (mines, clean rooms) or storage facilities. For these buildings, the individual technological systems, methods of execution, and the requirements that are placed on the systems are presented. Emphasis is placed on fire and hygiene safety of the technological systems. The fire safety equipment that occur in these buildings are discussed in detail.

Garant předmětu: Ing. Pavla Hofbauer Pechová, Ph.D.

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