Akce pořádané katedrou TZB

  Akce pořádané katedrou TZB   Sustainable Built Environment – Good Indoor Environment Quality and Energy Efficiency.  

Sustainable Built Environment – Good Indoor Environment Quality and Energy Efficiency.

Termín: 09.04.2009 - 09.04.2009   10:00 - 11:30

Katedra technických zařízení budov
Fakulty stavební ČVUT v Praze
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Sustainable Built Environment – Good Indoor Environment Quality and Energy Efficiency

Čtvrek, dne 9.4.2009 v 10:00 - 11:30 v místnosti C210
Fakulta stavební ČVUT v Praze, Thákurova 7

Přednáší / presented by
Maija Virta
Specialist, Indoor Environment Technology, Halton Oy
Vice-president of REHVA
Vice-president of SULVI, Finnish HVAC-association

Future regulations of European Buildings (20 min)
Several CEN standards were developed to support the implementation of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. One of the key standards is EN 15251: Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics. This standard specifies the indoor environmental parameters which have an impact on the energy performance of buildings.
• There are many new activities related to buildings in European Commission at the moment. The Directorate-General Energy and Transport has proposed major changes to EPBD directive. At the same time the Eco-design of Energy Using Products Directive (EuP) and the Energy Labelling Directive are under implementation.
• The aim of the EnVIE project was to increase the understanding of the Europe-wide public health impacts of indoor air quality by identifying the most widespread and significant indoor causes for these health impacts and evaluating the existing and optional building and housing related policies for controlling them. Based on the results of EnVIE, the Directorate- General Health and Consumers in EU is preparing guidelines for homes, public places and nursery homes in the light of the energy performance requirements. Wellbeing in Sustainable Built Environment (30 min)
• Wellbeing of people and environmental issues are some of the major concerns of our European societies today.
• Energy efficiency of buildings and systems as well as low carbon energy production are in key role when designing sustainable buildings to meet the target value of 50 kWh/m2 of primary energy.
• Everyone has a right to healthy indoor air. However there are lots of problems related to thermal comfort & draught and poor Indoor Air Quality in occupied spaces today.
• International environmental rating systems (LEED, BREEAM) can be used to measure the sustainability.
• Future challenge is to provide good indoor conditions with lowest possible energy use. Chilled Beams for User Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings (40 min)
• Active and passive chilled beam operation principles and typical installations are presented.
• Excellent room conditions can be achieved with chilled beams when targets are set right and certain criteria related to building, installation and system design are fulfilled.
• Dry system operation sets specific demands for design and operation.
• Adaptation of system to final operating situation ensure good indoor conditions over the life time of building.
• Environmental and life time cost impacts must be analysed during the design.
• Case study of chilled beam installation is presented.

Přednáška bude v anglickém jazyku a je určena pro studenty i pedagogy se zájmem o problematiku.