125TIE - Theory of indoor environment

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The course will introduce the students to the theoretical background of indoor environmental aspects. It familiarizes students with particular components of indoor environment, their effects and perception by a human, its effect on productivity and though on economic benefits of better IEQ. For four main IEQ components- thermal comfort, indoor air quality, lighting and acoustics – in six lectures it gives definitions, describes modelling, important ideas and values for the design, way of possible assessment and effects of discomfort. In each of these lectures a relevant list of valid standards is available. One lecture is devoted to monitoring and evaluation of IEQ. It reveals different approaches to IEQ assessment. It describes possible approaches to evaluate all of the four IEQ components and it includes description of measurements and appropriate measuring equipment. The student will also obtain a general view on when and how to run a monitoring procedure of IEQ on which level, how long and what components to involve. Last but not least the course speaks about user´s behaviour its effect on IEQ and final energy consumption. In practical part students will work on individual projects. Project will select at least three different buidling types and based on visit and available documentation will student evaluate main polutants, specify importance of indoor environmental quality components for selected buildings and finally, if possible, visit the building and make subjective IEQ evaluation. Course is concluded by presentation of the project and submission of final report (max 20 pages). Examples of buildings to be investigated within project: University, Student dormitory, Theater, Exhibition hall, Railway station, Shopping centre, Library, Church, Cinema...etc.

Garant předmětu: prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc.

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