125DPR1 - Design project 1

Rozsah: 0+3
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Forma ukončení: Klasifikovaný zápočet

Výuka předmetu v zimním semestru pro obory: B

The subject is focused on practical building services systems design - drainage system, water supply system, gas supply system, heating system, cooling system, renewable energy source.
Suitable system design is discussed.
Individual work.


Garant předmětu: doc. Ing. Michal Kabrhel, Ph.D.

  Téma Přednášející
0 Timetable - weeks
1. Specifying of the project
2. Ensuring background data
3-12. Work on the project with ongoing consultation according to the instructions of the project leader
13. Presentation of results


Garant cvičení: doc. Ing. Michal Kabrhel, Ph.D.

Konzultanti TZB:  Ing. Daniel Adamovský, Ph.D., prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc., doc. Ing. Michal Kabrhel, Ph.D., Ing. Miroslav Urban, Ph.D.

Podmínky zápočtu

  • Fulfillment of project assignments - will be evaluated by project Supervisor.
  • Regular participation in the project according to the Supervisor requests during whole semester (minimum 3 times per semester).
  • Submitting project work within the deadline (standard deadline is Friday 12:00 of the 2nd week of the Exam period).