125BSE - Buildings Services Systems

Rozsah: 2+2
Počet kreditů:
Forma ukončení: Zápočet, Zkouška

Výuka předmetu v letním semestru pro obory: D

Introductory Course of Building Services is focused on sanitary installations, gas supply system and heating systems. Sanitary installations - introduction, hydraulic pipes, water supply facilities, balance water needs. Internal water supply systems - installation, materials, calculation, waste water and disposal, sewage systems, internal drainage, types of fixtures. Gas - external pipelines, connections, balance of gas, internal pipeline systems, flue gas. Central heating and design of heating surfaces. Calculation of heat balance. Heating system. Preparation of hot water. Heat sources - boiler, electric heating, district heating, renewable sources.

Garant předmětu: prof. Ing. Karel Kabele, CSc.

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