125BSE2 - Buildings Services Systems 2

Rozsah: 2+1
Počet kreditů:
Forma ukončení: Zápočet, Zkouška

Výuka předmetu v zimním semestru pro obory: D

Introductory course in building ventilation, artificial illumination and electrical installation in buildings. Lectures topics: Microenvironment and its constituents. Microenvironment-health requirements. Design of air-handling systems - basics, criteria. Ventilation systems - Principles of natural and mechanical ventilation. Heat recovery. Parts of air handling systems. Fundamentals of air-conditioning systems. Artificial illumination - physical principles, terms. Combined lighting. Lamps and luminaires. Calculation methods, design evaluation. Electricity distribution. Electrical installations. Lighting protection. Tutorials focused on practical design of ventilation, light and electrical systems.

Garant předmětu: doc. Ing. Michal Kabrhel, Ph.D.

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